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Material Event Disclosure - Committees


With the decision of the board dated July 28, 2020; the following decisions were passed upon review of our committees pursuant to the provisions of the Corporate Governance Communiqué No:II-14.1 (“Communiqué”) of the Capital Markets Board (“CMB”);

  • Fatma Füsun Akkal Bozok was elected as chairman, Ahmet Bal was elected as the member of the Audit Committee.
  • Fatma Füsun Akkal Bozok was selected ad the chairman, Cengiz Solakoğlu and Işıl Bük (Investor Relations Senior Manager) were selected unanimously to serve in the Corporate Governance Committee.
  • Ömer Faruk Sevgili was selected as chairman, Cengiz Solakoğlu was selected as the member of the Early Detection of Risks Committee.
  • Also Corporate Governance Committee empowered to perform the duties of both the Nomination Committee and the Compensation Committee.